***1st, 2nd & 3rd March, Slovakia, Kaicho Raffi attend Special Forces Camp in Slovakia.***14th March, Israel, Bodyguard and V.I.P. protection seminar in Israel.*** 5th, 6th and 7th April, Italy, Seminar in Italy with Kaicho Liven.*** 15th June, Denmark, Liven Cup 2013 and the first World Championship in Sho Shin Karate Do.*** 16th June, Denmark, Fighting seminar.***


August - September S.A.A.T Seminar In Israel

Next S.A.A.T Seminar In Israel will take place in August - September 

Security, V.I.P. Bodyguard, Anti-Terrorist Rescue and Krav Maga Advanced Training

Date: 29/08/2010 - 08/09/2010

7 day Intensive Training + 3 day Holidays


29/08 (Sunday) - Arriving to Israel

30/08 (Monday) - Handling a hand gun: basic and professional shooting

31/08 (Tuesday) - Principles referring to V.I.P. protection

01/09 (Wednesday) - Operational driving under pressure

02/09 (Thursday) - Basic and Advanced V.I.P. protection experience

03/09 (Friday) - Basic and Advanced under cover operational methods (Half Day)

04/09 (Saturday) - Shabat - FREE DAY: Relaxing at Dead Sea & Visiting Jerusalem

05/09 (Sunday) - Advanced Krav Maga training

06/09 (Monday) - Basic rescue training course

07/09 (Tuesday) - Examination, certificate award and closing party

08/09 (Wednesday) -  Flying Back

Prices Table:  

Group over 15 person Just 2450 EUR* for a person
Group from 8 to 15 person Just 2950 EUR* for a person
Group under 8 person 3450 EUR* for a person
Group under 4 person 3950 EUR for a person


*IMPORTANT - Price includes: transportation within Israel, food, accommodation, 
courses: operational driving, rescue, top shooting level + ammunition, 
and other seminar related expenses
(except fly ticket)


After passing the seminar successfully:

- You receive international bodyguard certificate which is accepted in most countries and helps you to find a job as a bodyguard
- For extra 150,00 EUR you can receive a membership package of S.A.A.T. SECURITY that includes an ID card and a leather wallet with iron badge (pin) that identifies position you got promoted to during the course.

Package mentioned above is very convincing and gives possibility to apply for an international job. It takes around two weeks to receive it after the payment is made.


Half of the price has to be paid in advance. Every future participant of the seminar in Israel must undergo a minimum of 12 hour pre-training with master-chief of International Academy of Security and Anti-Terrorism – Kancho Raffi Liven.
Preparation training mentioned above is free of cost (it is included in the price of the seminar) and can be hold in any place that is suitable for you (might be your own home country) or in our academy in Denmark. Training in any other country than Denmark must be arranged beforehand and has to be organized for minimum 4 persons.

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