***1st, 2nd & 3rd March, Slovakia, Kaicho Raffi attend Special Forces Camp in Slovakia.***14th March, Israel, Bodyguard and V.I.P. protection seminar in Israel.*** 5th, 6th and 7th April, Italy, Seminar in Italy with Kaicho Liven.*** 15th June, Denmark, Liven Cup 2013 and the first World Championship in Sho Shin Karate Do.*** 16th June, Denmark, Fighting seminar.***

| Date: 6th of April, 2010 | Place: Israel

Coming up Seminar in Israel - Security, V.I.P. Bodyguard, Anti-Terrorist, Rescue and Krav Maga Advanced Training

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| Date: 23rd of January, 2010 | Place: Place: Italy, Genova

Krav Maga seminars with Kancho Raffi Liven in Italy

All Krav Maga levels seminars holded by Kancho Raffi Liven in Italy, hosted by International Krav Maga Organization.

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Kancho Raffi Liven Graduates a New Master And He gives him position of Kancho in his Own Style Saishokido. Kancho Raffi Liven was a witness how Dani Hazan creates his style in the last 16 years. Kancho Liven was advising Dani Hazan all that period. 

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World Academy of Martial Arts and Kancho Raffi Liven would like to wish all of You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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World Academy of Martial Arts and Kancho Raffi Liven would like to thank all of the participants that took part in the “Practical Krav Maga For Special Forces, Police, Army, Security And Bodyguard Units” seminar.

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| Date: 23.10 - 02.11, 2009 | Place: Israel

Krav Maga seminars with Kancho Raffi Liven in Israel

For more information please call (+972) 547 272 527.

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Krav Maga LI - "Basic training" by Kancho Raffi Liven

14 brand new movies on our youtube channel!



The latest developments of Krav Maga techniques by Kancho Raffi Liven (10 Dan).

Date: 7-8 November 2009 | Place: World Academy of Martial Arts

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