***1st, 2nd & 3rd March, Slovakia, Kaicho Raffi attend Special Forces Camp in Slovakia.***14th March, Israel, Bodyguard and V.I.P. protection seminar in Israel.*** 5th, 6th and 7th April, Italy, Seminar in Italy with Kaicho Liven.*** 15th June, Denmark, Liven Cup 2013 and the first World Championship in Sho Shin Karate Do.*** 16th June, Denmark, Fighting seminar.***

Krav Maga Liven International DVD

Simply put, Krav Maga is the the most practical and effective form of self-defense in the world today! Krav Maga perfectly incorporates techniques from various martial arts styles such as Judo, Kyokushin, mixed fighting and many more.

Price 200,00 DKK

Sho Shin Karate Do DVD

In addition to karate styles like Shotokan, Kyukushin-kai, Goju-ryu and others a new style is emerging - Sho Shin Karate Do what means the genuine, the honest way. The basis of Sho Shin Karate Do are self dicipline, responsibility and respect. The training concentrates 100% on kumite, 100% on kata and 100 % on mental training, all equal to form the full Karate not one before the other. In the Sho Shin Karate Do style we do not compromise, the style is growing day by day and is teached and trained by a large number of Karateka’s in Denmark, Israel, Norway, Germany and Russia.

Price 200,00 DKK

Kancho Raffi Liven - Krav Maga LI

Bratislava - Slovakia 2007
Brno - Czech Republic 2007
Slovan Party - Brno 2007
Bratislava-Brno - photos
Vinoteka - Vincur

Price 200,00 DKK

V.I.P. Israel 2006

Kancho Raffi Liven presents V.I.P. Israel 2006

DVD recorded during the seminar for bodyguards in Israel 2006.

Price 200,00 DKK

Krav Maga for Slovak Police forces

Krav Maga by Kancho Raffi Liven for Slovak Police forces.

Price 200,00 DKK

Practical Krav Maga & Bogie Kata

Chief Instructor Kancho Raffi Liven 10 Dan presents:
Practical Krav Maga & Bogie Kata.

Price 200,00 DKK

Shihan Liven - The Master - 9 Dan

Sho Shin Karate Do - The Genuine Way
Special fighting techniques for kumite and competition.
Kata and their application.
The philosophical way of Sho Shin Karate Do.

Krav Maga Liven International
Basic and advanced techniques demonstrated by Master Liven and his students from Norway.

Tamashiwari World Records
Breaking demonstrations by Shihan Raffi Liven.

Karate seminars and festivals
Impressions from seminars in Chemitz The Sho Shin Karate Do festival in Russia.

Price 200,00 DKK

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